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Writer's Block: Going boldly
If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

I'd be Uhura, hands down. There is no contest. As a little kid I literally spent hours watching the original series. Being the little feminist-in-the-making that I was, I was so enthused with the idea that on the Bridge of the USS Enterprise a woman, a black woman nonetheless, could be just as much an asset as the rest of the male crew. Coming from a family where no one had graduated college, and half the women had graduated high school, this woman inspired me.

Then when I was slightly older, I saw the Reboot AKA the 2009 movie and fell in love with her all over again. I loved the idea that she could fully complete her education. Then she lands a job on the most coveted starship at the Academy. Once there, she uses her physical prowess and impressive, and I mean impressive, linguistic skills and her sexual energy on one Mr. Spock. Plus, to make things even better, no one calls her a dirty whore. They just consider her a member of the team, 

Now only if they make a sequel. :)


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